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nicwin's Journal

12 January 1968
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I have found and posted lots of, pics on here which are NSFW, not safe for work so be careful when opening my journal.

If you want some good porn stories try this link:



Shy and married to a straightlaced woman. She is a lovely sexy person but doesn't like to move too far from convenional.

I have all sorts of kinks and perversions but they are all in my head and will stay there, except for secret places like this journal.

I have a desire to watch women masturbate to orgasm, the sight and sound of a woman cumming drives me wild.
I like girls and women who don't shave their pussies, I love the look and feel of a full feminine triangle especially if blonde, or red.

Saying that, shaven ones are nice for getting down on.
I'd like to try a threesome with my wife and another male or female and yes I would perform on both him or her.
The idea of beastiality amazes me, and I would love to watch some, maybe even join in.

Watersports, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral, anal, and group sex are all masturbation fantsies of mine.

I aslo fantasize about catching my wife , masturbating, having sex with another man or woman or even animal.

Like I said, kinky, perverted and fascinated by the bizarre and taboo are how I would descibe myself.

Anyway, enough of me now what about you?
Write to me and maybe we can correspond.
Send pics of yourself to me and you will know that I am wanking over them especially if they are of your unshaven pussy.

Hope to see some responses soon.